I’m Amy Smallwood Pereira, and I’ve lived in Mallorca all my life exploring all the gorgeous hidden-away spots and beautiful locations that it has to offer. I truly believe that even against some of the most famous island paradises around the world, Mallorca is incomparable (which is probably why it attracts the rich and famous). 

I originally trained as a makeup artist at Leeds University, because I loved the production side of the craft of movie-making, how the details could transport the viewer to anywhere and any time. I became more involved in weddings for the same reason, the thrill of organising all the elements and details to create a day that transports the bride and groom to a magical place and sets them off on their happy ever after. I have been organizing weddings and events for a long time now. 

When my partner and myself got married in Mallorca a few years ago,  we decided to set up everything by ourselves, from handmade wedding favors to all handcrafted decorations, everything that involved making our special day unique. It saved us money on our big day, reinforced my belief that it is about the details and means that i truly appreciate where you’re coming from and the stresses aroudn your big day.

As a company, our aim is to be unique, personal and to create your perfect day, filled with lovely locations, outstanding catering, and everything you imagined but without the stress – meaning you can take the time to truly enjoy the experience.